Introduction to Final Project

I was very happy with the flexibility for our final project in this class.  I was quite certain from day 1 that I wanted to use my major project to benefit my Grade 2 students.  I debated whether I would create a class facebook or instagram account, as I thought my students parent’s might appreciate this. I reflected upon my communication with my parents and decided I do a pretty good job updating my families with a weekly newsletter, frequent email updates and emailing pictures of their children learning that I thought I should choose something else besides these two social media sites.  I decided I would like to involve my students and get them active online so I have decided to start a class blog using Edublog.

I hope to use this classroom blog as a place to share our learning as a group, but I will also have my student blog individually through this site.  My goal will also be to connect with another primary classroom and set up our students as “blogging buddies”. I think my students will love knowing that they are not only posting for their teacher and parents, but that they are posting for a larger audience as well.

My first steps in this project will be to set up the blog and inform my students parents. I need to do more research about what I can post in regards to names and pictures. I think I have a good idea of how to keep my students identity safe, but I will do the research to double check.

I look forward to this experience and I will be reflecting upon my experiences with this class blog weekly!


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