Entering a new territory

My name is Danielle Gossard. I am a Grade 2 teacher in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and am currently working towards my master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

I am currently about two weeks into my second course in my program. I will be using this blog to reflect upon my learnings in my course “Social Media and Open Education” but I also hope to expand this blog into a useful platform for my online identity.  Overtime, I hope to add my philosophy of education and teaching resume to this site as well.

I am very excited to learn online using the Zoom tool. I usually prefer to take classes in person at the university because I really value face to face conversations with colleagues but I think we will have a lot of opportunity to have “face to face” conversations with other learners in this class.

I feel like I am “entering a new digital territory” with this blog and this class because I am usually rather quiet in the social media world.  I use instagram most frequently, but honestly because my instagram has the smallest audience.  I think very closely about what I share on Facebook and I only tweet a few times a year… times will be changing!  I am excited to explore the new world of being more “outgoing” in the digital world!

Social Media

Photo Credit: LUCIANDUMA via Compfight cc


3 thoughts on “Entering a new territory

  1. Hi Danielle. I am a grade 2 teacher from Regina and look forward to connecting with you and hearing perspectives from another primary teacher!


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