Almost ready to rock!

This weekend I finally got my class blog up and running for my major project. I am using Edublogs and I am very grateful for the Alec’s connection with Sue Waters, by mentioned his name I was able to upgrade to the “Pro” account free for a year! Check out @suewaters on Twitter.

Miss Gossard's Class Blog

Current successes

  • I am very happy with my choice to use Edublogs. It is quite user friendly so far and it is powered by WordPress, so a lot of the features are similar to my reflection blog for this class.
  • I signed up for a course on how to set up a classroom blog through the edublog website.  This came as a recommendation of Sue Waters when she upgraded my account to pro.  I was in a bit of a hurry to set up my blog because I would like to get it running with my students and their families so I opted to read and follow the step by step guide. It can be found here, it was very useful. I admit, I followed most of the steps initially but then I started to skip around and learn how to set up my student blogs on the side.  I will finish this up in the next few days!
  • I haven’t told my students or their families that I am creating a class blog yet. I expect they will be excited, I have high family involvement in my classroom and I hope we receive a lot of comments on our blog! I have told some fellow colleagues and my administrator about my class blog and everyone has been very encouraging and excited about it! This helps me stay engaged and motivated! I am excited to share this with my community.
  •  I have reached out to Kathy Cassidy, who is a blogging guru! She teaches in my school division and I was at her school during my first teaching contract. I am have asked her a few questions and I hope she has some expert tips for me!
  • This afternoon I looked over our general school divisions technology and media release forms with my principal.  We found these to be quite cohesive and will cover consent for my classroom blog. I will however send out a similar more simple consent form as a courtesy and information piece for my families. I will share this when available.

Challenges and frustrations

  • I am happy to report that my successes outweigh my challenges right now in regards to setting up my class blog!  But I have not yet introduced this to the 21 Grade 2 students in my room…. stay tuned!  I have decided I might use our Grade 8 learning buddies for support the first few times we set up our blogs.
  • I faced a tiny road block when I tried to create and add my student blogs to my main page.  Each of my students need a username, password and email linked to their account. I decided to create a common class gmail account and use this for each student. I am just working on the logistics of this.  I also tried to set up my student usernames and passwords tonight
  • I have also spent FAR too much time picking out the theme and colour scheme for my blog! I am not sure why I care so much about how it looks! First impressions are important I guess? I have likely tried out 10 different themes and now have settled for a rather boring and simple option…

I will be using twitter soon to find out if there are any other primary classrooms in Saskatchewan or beyond who would like to connect with my room!

I found this video on the Edublogs Teacher challenge website that I mentioned above. There is so much you can do with students blogging! I can’t wait to get started!!

“Blogging really transforms the writing process from something rather one dimensional to something full of possibility.  We write for a purpose… how can we ask students to write with purpose if they are only writing for their teacher.. ”


2 thoughts on “Almost ready to rock!

  1. My grade 2s would love to connect with your class once you have your blogs set up! We will be setting up blogs with SeeSaw in the near future.


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