We are bloggers!

Miss Gossard’s Grade 2 class has finally began blogging!

This past Thursday we invited our Grade 8 Learning Buddies (@CampbellClan78) to help us initially set up our student blog pages.  I created what I thought was a simple instruction sheet for the Grade 8’s to follow.  I wanted the Grade 8’s to help my students log, on, changelearning with buddies 111 their color scheme, theme if they wanted, add a tag line under their name and help them write their first post.  Overall this was very successful!  I was very thankful for the Grade 8’s help!

There were only  a few minor probelms when setting up our blogs, mostly to do with my students picking an “extravagant” theme and then my students not being able to pick a header image like my instruction sheet stated.

I struggled with giving up some control for the student blogs. I would have liked each student blog to look mostly the same besides the colours of their choice and header image. I just think this would make it more uniform and easier for me and others to look through. But it was my teacher buddy, Mr. Campbell who encouraged me to let go and let my kids be creative! My students had fun individualizing their pages.

On my easy instruction sheet, found here Student Blog Instructions, I asked the Grade 8’s to sure to have my students write their first post.  I asked the post to T and D bloggingbe an introduction post about blogging. All students followed this, but I should have made it more clear that I wanted the younger students to do the typing.  When I look at my students first blog posts, I can see that many of them had a LOT of help with spelling, typing and grammar! It does not represent my students abilities too well, but I do believe it was their own words, the Grade 8’s would have just been trying to help! Not a huge concern in my books!

After the break, my plan is to discuss with my students what I hope they will mostly blog about. I hope to give them blogging topics connected to our school work, such as “What did we learn about in science this week” or “write three questions you have about our read aloud today”.  I can already see that my students will want to have some “free” writing posts as well and I do not want to discourage this. I have one student who went home and blogged about his dog Lucy, and another boy who blogged about his hockey practice. I think is great!

Check out a few of my students blogs below!

Isla’s Blog , Marcus’ Blog,  Tylan’s Blog 







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