The Snapchat takeover

This week’s readings focussed on teens in social media. Thr articles came to the same conclusions; teens are less likely to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and more likely to use messaging apps like iMessage, kik and the ever so popular Snapchat. I found the first article the most interesting because it listed suggested reasons why teens are leaving sites like Facebook. The first reason listed was teens don’t want older relatives seeing what they are up too on weekends. Facebook is widely used by adults 40 and above, I see this to be true in my own life as well. My parents do not have Facebook but most of my aunts and uncles do. I share on Facebook from time to time but share on Instagram and snapchat more regularly. I personally like that these social media outlets only post to my closest friends or a smaller audience.

I can see this being a concern for parents though, who hope they can see a small part of their teens life online but then they may be frustrated to find that their teens and tweets are not using the same social media sites.

The data in the following articles showed that teens are not abandoning social media they are just using different sites then older generations tend to use. Teens are definitely using social media…. A Lot! I enjoyed the read: How to  snapchat like teens, I could really relate to almost ever sentence of this article! I use snapchat a little bit. I maybe have 20 friends on the app and mostly only send messages and pictures to a few people on a regular basis. I could really relate to the older brother in this article.   I recently took my girls basketball team into Regina (we live in Moose Jaw) to watch a U of R Cougar game. Us coaches sat behind the girls st the game and we shocked at how the girls we constantly on snapchat!! They watched the game from time to time but they mostly sent selfies to each other and 50 other people while giggling and laughing alongside one another. Because I sitting behind a few of the girls, I got the honour of being in way too many of these snaps…

The girls knew I had the app and starting questioning me about how many “streaks”I had and wanted to know my longest. They were baffled when I said I had none!  One of the girls on my team had a snap score of almost 200 000 and she just chuckled when I showed her that mine was a couple thousand.

I agree that young kids are spending a lot of time on these new social media sites and they should be interacting with one another more.  But I feel that is just how our modern times will be. As educators we need to teach our students when social media is appropriate and how to post appropriately and politely.

Excuse my errors and lack of posting, I’ve done this quick reflection in the airport waiting for my flight to Mexico! 🙂






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