Children on social media

This week we read about parents sharing pictures of their children on various social media platforms. I am most active on Facebook and Instragram, and while I do not have children of my own, it seems like my feeds are often full of pictures of my friends adorable children (and I don’t mind one bit!)

Several classmates have wrote great blog posts about parents over-sharing pictures of their children online.  I enjoyed reading Amy’s, Brittany’s and Carla’s recent posts about this topic.  Brittany included a small guide to posting about your children on Facebook.

While further researching this topic beyond our class readings I found a blog post wrote by Roma Kojima (other posts by her found here). Kojima wrote an article titled “Why my baby won’t be posted on social media” I found this article interesting because at the time of writing this post, Kojima was not yet a parent. She was pregnant with her first child and had very strong views on why her child`s image will not be on social media. She explains that it is a fine line when posting appropriate photos of children, “I also understand it’s a fine line I’m attempting to walk here. Family pictures might be one thing, but posting cutesy photos of baby’s first bath are another. I don’t know where my kid’s pictures might end up some day—surely the last thing a parent could want is for a darling photo of their kid to show up somewhere totally inappropriate.“   I am not yet a parent and am not sure exactly what I will post of my future children`s lives. But I do know they will have a presence on social media. I will post respectful;y and carefully and always limit my friend list.

This week I decided to go far beyond my comfort zone and post a question on Facebook regarding how my Facebook friends feels about sharing pictures of their children online.

children in social media post

I was quite apprehensive about posting this status update for three main reasons.

  1. I rarely post anything on Facebook besides a “Happy Birthday” or a fun picture from a trip or special activity
  2. I have many friends who constantly post pictures of their kids online. I did not want my inquiry to sound negative towards parents who post, I simply wanted to hear some of my peers feedback about this topic.
  3. I was also concerned that nobody would even respond to my facebook post… ending in me deleting the post and pretending it never happened (I worry too much) Thankfully 10 minutes after posting I already had three friends respond.

I am glad I reached out to my friends on this topic.  I received comments and feedback from nine different friends.  These friends explained that they post photos of their children so that their friends and family can watch them grow from afar.  One mom explained that she always asks other moms permission before posting a photo online with her child and her friends (during sporting events).  Another mom commented that she tries not to show her son and daughter`s full faces on her public sites (she is an upcoming popular blogger!).  She commented that she wants her children to only have respectable photos online that she wouldn`t mind a future employer seeing one day. I had several other friends weigh in on this interesting topic. I was happy all feedback was positive.

Here are a few more articles that I found interesting on the subject of sharing or over-sharing photos of your children online.

The Do`s and Don`ts of Sharing your Family`s pictures , Kids and Social Media




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