Student blogging update

Things are continuing to go well with my learning project of creating a class blog with my students.  My goals for this project were to create a class blog, post class updates and pictures on the main page, have my students write individual posts, have students post a picture and/or video and connect with another classroom.  I am happy to report that we have accomplished all of these goals!

I hoped to connect to another class who uses edublogs and have my students pair up with another student and become blogging buddies.  It took me a lot longer than anticipated to get my students comfortable with logging on and writing their own post that I haven’t yet had them comment on an outside blog.  I encourage my students to comment on my main post and leave comments for each other.  I taught my student to leave positive comments to their peers that might include a though provoking question or a question to encourage a conversation.   We were SO lucky to have one of my fellow classmates, Erin Benjamin’s Grade 2 class from Regina check out our blog.  Mrs. Benjamin and her class commented on each of my students blogs.  My students were over the moon excited! They were excited to have someone other than myself and their parents read and react to their posts! The next day we checked out Mrs. Benjamin’s class blog on SeeSaw and wrote a comment back to them.  I would like to try to write back to each student as well, but it would be easier to do so as a class.

I have about five students who are posting outside of class time to their blFullSizeRenderog.  When we are at school, I usually give my students a topic to post about that is school related. When my students are at home and choose to blog, they are mostly writing about a personal
experience such as a birthday party they attended or last nights hockey game. I love to see them so engaged that they are writing from home!  I even had a few students blog over the Easter break, one student even blogged from Phoenix, Arizona!



This week, a fellow colleague from down the hall shared a recent blog post he wrote about his students using Edmodo.  I connected a lot to what Alan said in his post, Edmodo for Authentic Writing.  Alan explains that he uses his students edmodo writing for a lot of assessment. He states “I catch them at their most eloquent, when they are engaged, and independent. Personal voice shines through.” Although my Grade 2’s have not been blogging as long as Alan’s Grade 4 and 5 students, I still believe that I am seeing very authentic writing with some of my students.  Alan also comments that he promotes his students writing on Edmodo because of parent engagement.  I am always excited when my students receive parent comments on their blogs, this week we even had an aunt from a different city comment on two of my students blogs (they are twin brothers).  It is great to see students and parents share our class blog with other family members. 



2 thoughts on “Student blogging update

  1. Great post Danielle! I’m so glad your students enjoyed our comments. Have you noticed changes in your students’ feelings towards writing? Does the increased audience make them excited about sharing their ideas? Do they even feel like they are “writing” now that it’s in an online space?

    Have you had any backlash from parents who worry that the fine motor skills associated with printing will be lost by blogging? How do you balance this?

    I always enjoy reading about your project progress!


  2. Danielle and Erin, as a parent of a child in Grade 1, I personally wouldn’t worry about losing fine motor skills for printing. I assume the blogging is a very occasional activity and there is still lots of printing practice happening in class. Learning to type is a key skill for them to develop as well in our digital age, and what a great way for them to develop it! One thing I do worry about, and I’m not sure what the situation is in your school district, is the loss of cursive writing from the curriculum. Some say it’s not a skill students need in today’s world, but I disagree (call me a traditionalist). At what grade is this usually taught, and has it been dropped in SK as well?


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